Baby Name Trends 2023: Girls, Boys & Unisex Names

The year of 2023 has arrived and with it many moms-to-be are excited for the arrival of their little ones who are scheduled to be born this year, or even those who are still planning to get pregnant.

If you've identified yourself, chances are you're already considering what kind of name to give them, right? So you are in the right place!

From classics to cool baby names, we've selected a diverse bunch of girls, boys and unisex names rising in 2023. Check the list and tell us which is your top 3! 

Top Baby Girl Names

Top Baby Boy Names

Top Baby Unisex Names

Did this list bring any progress towards choosing the perfect baby name? We hope so!

Now you'll have to consider some points:

 - search the origin and meaning of the name; 
 - how it will sound with their middle and last name;
 - write the name's monogram and check if the abbreviated 3 letters together mean something - or not. 

And finally, when you've chosen the name for your baby, it's time to start thinking about organizing a baby's room and also what to pack for your maternity bag. It's not a simples task and can be a challenge, especially for first-time parents.

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